Division of Strategic Business, Education and Regional Partnerships

Higher Education at the Speed of Business

The Small Business Development  Center is part of Minnesota State University Mankato’s Division of  Strategic Business, Education and Regional Partnerships.


Engaging business/industry and the community to build partnerships that accelerate innovation.


Minnesota State University, Mankato is an innovative, student-centered learning community that values:

  • Integrity and respect in the way we conduct ourselves
  • Diversity in who we are and what we do
  • Access to our programs and services that create opportunities for all to pursue their dreams
  • Responsibility to those we serve by providing an education that inspires solutions to society’s challenges
  • Excellence in our academic and non-academic pursuits


The Division of Strategic Business, Education and Regional Partnerships will:

  • Deliver – through well-defined and distinctive statements of expertise
  • Communicate – using a variety of media for information sharing with internal and external partners
  • Promote Navigational Functionality – by using cross-functional operations that support complete, smooth and value-added solutions for the customer