Unemployment Insurance Information in Minnesota

Here are some tips to aid you in the process of applying for unemployment benefits in Minnesota:
  • Apply online at www.uimn.org. The system is designed to be self service- answer the questions as best as you can and hit submit.
  • Find answers to your questions without calling. Start by selecting “Applicants in the upper left corner of the Unemployment Insurance website and select from menu options: What do I need to know? How do I apply? How do I get paid? What affects my benefits? These are designed to answer the questions most people have (if you call, you may have a long wait).
  • Get help from others you know. If you are not comfortable filling out forms online, please have an other individual help walk you through it. You’re not alone.

One Minnesota means we help one another- and we know when to ask each other for help. We’re asking you to help us better serve Minnesotans in this crisis by applying online for unemployment benefits.