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Your SBDC offers customized support to new and established businesses at no cost. Services include:  start-up assistance, business plan development, access to capital and loan packaging, cash flow management, financial analysis, marketing,  QuickBooks, buying or selling, and help for distressed businesses.

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  • 5 employment laws you do not want to break

    Often small-business owners are striving to make their businesses less complicated so they can keep more of their time and money. However, the measures taken to streamline a small business can unintentionally lead to costly mistakes, like breaking employment laws. Read more.       Read More…

  • Real World Work-Life Balance: How to Find Your Entrepreneurial Zen

    This article has some great stories and examples about life as a business owner.  Some entrepreneurs are logging 70 plus hours per week while others have found a system to balance their work life with their life. It’s all about priorities.  If your priority is putting out fires all morning, Read More…

  • Video Wednesdays: Financial Literacy Lessons for Entrepreneurs

    A lot of entrepreneurs fall into the category of people that are coined as “Jack of All Trades, Master of a Few”.  This is a new twist on an old saying  that tries to define the type of Renaissance Man necessary for entrepreneurship.  When managing your own business, you often Read More…